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Vilistus is the perfect partner, whatever you want to do. We are your single source for biometric hardware, software, consumables, support and training.

Once you've got a Vilistus. you'll immediately appreciate the benefit of its simplicity, its ease of use and its versatility.

Whether you want to use the Vilistus in business, therapy or just for your own education or training, we have a solution for you.

Here are a just a few examples from the world of advertising, Clinical practice, Audio Visual Entrainment and peak performance.

The ultimate in Clay Target Training Systems

This weeks featured application:

Coaches and shooters agree; the Shotseer training system is the future of clay target coaching

This exciting and innocative coaching tool provides accurate and objective feedback to the coach and client alike through the use of advanced camera technology, state of the art computer graphics, biometrics and the ability to save the session for offline playback via our dedicated session viewer

Shotseer is THE invaluable tool for shooters, coaches and shooting grounds alike

Mind Mirror:Meditation and mind expansion

Access meditative states and experience enhanced heath and happiness. The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is the latest version of a versatile brainwave training and research tool originally pioneered in the 1970's by C Maxwell Cade and latterly by Anna Wise. Featuring training screens and variable challenge levels, the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is extremely portable and can be carried anywhere and used individually or in groups.

Vilistus for Research

Vilistus is great for academic research. Despite it's affordable price, Vilistus delivers solid repeatable data and interfaces with all the software you expect to use. If you need biometric monitoring and want to avoid paying over the odds for the equipment, check out our cost effective research equipment today.

Audio Visual Entrainment: Change your state!

Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) is an uncomplicated way of altering your brain state. Traditionally a passive "feed-forward" technology that assumes you're getting what you want, the new AVE solution from Vilistus provides a "feed-back" system that constantly checks your reaction to the entrainment process and subtly alters in response to your state. If you're after the next big thing in AVE, check out the Vilistus solution today!

Calling all therapists: Objective proof!

Until now, therapists, whether skilled in CBT, NLP, hypnotherapy or other modalities have had to rely on subjective feedback and/or "tells" from their clients in order to monitor mental or physical state.

Using Vilistus, you can view the subtle changes in physiology that can only be seen from the inside; changes to heart rate, changes to temperature, changes to brain or muscle state.

All this is available now at a fraction of the cost of traditional polygraphs. Take a couple of minutes to fill in our contact form, or drop us an email and we'll be glad to show you how you can take the guesswork out of client monitoring

Market Research: It doesn't have to be expensive!

Are you looking for a simple way and market-proven way to assess audience reaction by combining data from the conscious and unconscious mind? If so, the Vilistus Market Research package is just what you need.

Re-Balance mind and body: Improve your response to stress

Heart Rate Variability is the clinically proven non-invasive way to improve wellbeing and reduce stress.

Check out the Vilistus HRV Solution today!

Peak Performance: Achieve more!

Vilistus is already helping people become more focussed in their chosen sport or profession. Using simple EEG protocols, it's possible to train the mind to respond in just the right way, at exactly the right moment.

Do you want to concentrate more? Do you need to intensively focus on the task at hand? What about giving your brain some 'down time' - at the right time?

All this, and more, is available in an easy to use package. Vilistus will sit alongside your other training aids and give you the edge whatever your goal is. Why not call us to find out how you can benefit from a Vilistus Solution?