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Vilistus for Research

SEVEN REASONS WHY Vilistus is great for your research and kind to your budget:

In these days of tightened funding, it's sometimes difficult to find budget-conscious biometric capture devices that are robust and accurate enough for research purposes. That all changes with Vilistus.

DSU 4-Port

Vilistus is inexpensive, extensible, portable and gives accurate biometric data that can be used for many different types of projects and at all levels, from undergraduate projects through to cutting edge, boundary-pushing research.

Repeatable results

The Vilistus sensors has been designed to be robust and are built to ensure high repeatability of recording. Using our software, or yours, Vilistus provides data at up to 512 samples per second across all sensors and, unlike other systems, does not restrict the number of "fast" channels.

Kind on your budget

Vilistus is inexpensive. A complete system can cost less than £1000. Even better, we have generous educational discounts available AND we can provide a free training package.


Powered by two AA batteries giving extended recording times, Vilistus can either be used in the field with its ambulatory recording mode, or in the lab attached by a recording PC using either USB, Bluetooth or by WiFi.

Free software

Whether you use the Vilistus/Pro software, interface your software with the equipment using the supplied DLL or access the data stream directly, Vilistus provides a comprehensive set of methods of retrieving the data either in real time or, with ambulatory mode, after the event.

The Vilistus/Pro software has been designed with researchers in mind; you can use our analysis tools or export the data to MS EXCEL, SPSS or Matlab.

Interfaces with E*Prime

Event Related Potentials make up a significant proportion of research, and Vilistus is there to help you. We interface directly with the computer generating the stimulus and our trigger cables make sure that the stimulus and response and synchronised in the data stream

DSU 4-Port

Comprehensive set of sensors

Vilistus was designed with research in mind. We have a comprehensive set of sensors including:

and more. If you have a sensor that you want to interface with Vilistus, you can do so with our voltage interface sensor. We believe that we've made Vilistus the most function rich, affordable biometric system available today.

Interfaces with 3rd party products

If you need to bolt Vilistus into your own, or another companies, products, we're here to help you. Our support staff are experienced in providing assistance to make the Vilistus work in your environment.

For more information on how Vilistus can help you with your research projects, call or email today and we'll give you all the information you need.