Vilistus :: Affordable biofeedback


What is Biofeedback?

Its the exciting, new, scientifically proven way to enhance your performance at university, work or in your chosen sport.

Top athletes and businessmen have found that a few minutes a day using biofeedback can make a real difference in today's highly competitive environment.

Biofeedback and EEG neurofeedback (specifically biofeedback using brainwaves) are being used more and more to give people an "edge".

What can it be used for?

Peak Performance

Biofeedback can help you to alter your mental and physical state at will to allow you to meet challenges in sports, business or education more confidently and effectively. With Biofeedback and Neurofeedback you can learn to respond calmly to outside pressure by effectively focusing your mind and body at the task at hand.

Physical, Developmental and Emotional Improvement

Stress, depression, hypertension, insomnia and learning difficulties are just some of the issues that can addressed with biofeedback and neurofeedback. If you want to help yourself, the Vilistus range can help you make the best use of the resources you've got and show you a simple and non-invasive way of getting better.

What is Vilistus?

Vilistus is a range of equipment and software that has been especially designed to provide you with good quality biofeedback and EEG neurofeedback - at an affordable price.

Why 'Vilistus'?

Ah, well... Vilistus is latin for "affordable machine". From the very start, we decided that we wanted to produce good quality hardware and software but to keep the price very affordable.

So, who are Vilistus?

We're a UK based technology company that specialises in the design, development and production of precision electronic products and software and we've been selling neurofeedback and biofeedback equipment for a number of years.

We've worked extensively with experienced therapists and trainers to deliver quality equipment, training and support for our products.

We focus on delivering properly engineered, reliable equipment that is inexpensive enough to be used at home or in the office, but accurate enough for serious research in universities and schools

Why are you so much cheaper?

Simple. We control our costs so we can pass the savings onto you. We're able to provide quality equipment and software because we design, manufacture and sell Vilistus ourselves from our factory and development centre in England's Lake District National Park.

OK, you're much cheaper, but what about support?

Try us! You can call or email us and we'll be glad to help you.

I have a specific requirement; can you help?

Yes. We just don't talk about being driven by our customers; we actively encourage it. Most of the new features in our equipment and software are there as a result of requests from customers. Oh, and if you need particular sensors we can help with that too!